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World Harmony is collaborating within a new teal model of mutual support, to develop projects in clean energy, biological farming, innovative transportation, communication, health creation and education methods. To better understand this new Teal Model, click HERE

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Denver smog-BEFORE.png
Denver Clear Day-AFTER.png
Max-V & Conventional.png
Screenshot 2018-05-24 12.53.JPG
Dolocrete Roof Tile.png
Before & After Weeded Pic (2016_04_25 03
Six Row Weeder (2016_04_25 03_06_09 UTC)
Screenshot 2019-04-23 08.09.18.png
Screenshot 2019-04-23 08.14.34.png

More Information on the following coming soon:

Tesla's Valvular Conduit
GEOPOLYMERS - An Eco-Friendly Cement Alternative

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