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The GTN is a new online Teal structure and service for new-paradigm-pioneers who want to be involved in building a new civilization for ourselves, our kids and humanity. It comprises a collaboration platform with a built-in communication system where pioneers can do their own thing in unison with others... bring to the table their piece of the puzzle rather than doing their own thing in isolation. This is a one-for-all and all-for-one system. It means that in playing their part each see how they fit with others and how they can be of service to each other too. This will develop and propagate mutual-support system for all involved.

The TEAL component was only recently discovered and is a very important part of the system. For TEAL details click HERE.

At the time of writing, April 2019, we are linking with others who are principle parts of the puzzle akin to the corners and edge-pieces. One of these is a group in the UK who have been traveling a parallel path to World Harmony Founding Members.

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