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Greenhouse gasses are still increasing world-wide at over 5% per year. Mainstream approach is to reduce the source of air-pollution. Although this is helping it is not reducing fast enough so we are running out of time!



We are excited to introduce our amazing CYMATRON technology that has the potential to fix that problem.



CymaTron has been tested privately in 30 lab test and in a year-long field study in Phoenix, USA.

We now plan to officially gain ETA ISO 14034 Certification to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt CymaTron Technology works and is what is needed NOW to dramatically reduce air pollution!

Smog .JPG


Smog Removed.JPG


These photos represent the type of results we can consistently achieve.


The trial was funded  via a grant.

Below are just two examples of our results!

PM10 Reduction Graph -EDITED.PNG

The above figures show a consistent reduction in dangerous particulates across nine suburbs in the city where the study was conducted. This chart is also typical of smaller particulates as well as other air-pollutants such as carbon-dioxide, carbon-monoxide, nitrogen and sulfur oxides, and ground-level ozone

The above test was conducted under controlled conditions in a commercial lab.

World Harmony has now partnered with the developers of this technology to bring it to the world.


But before we do so, we plan to commission an International Standards Organization (ISO) Certified Laboratory to conduct similar LAB and FIELD tests to scientifically PROVE to the world this technology is highly effective!

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