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Ortrack Implement Guidance System

A revolutionary new technology has been developed by AEGIS in Australia to assist farmers worldwide to significantly enhance the quality of food produced on their farms. When combined with existing farming equipment, the Ortrack technology enables farmers to eliminate the use of chemicals in weed control by returning to mechanical weeding. There are many other applications for Ortrack technology in agriculture including the accurate placement of liquid fertilizers in crops to prevent the fertilizer pollution of waterways.

The Mission “To develop and commercialize environmentally sustainable technologies that enhance the quality of food crops.”

The Ortrack Guidance System directs towed implements precisely between crop rows preserving the integrity of the individual plants. Currently crop rows are planted with 12cm to 45cm spacing. Any deviation by an implement, especially at speed, would cause the crop to be disturbed or destroyed. The Ortrack guidance system adjust its position relative to the crop. This movement accommodates any deviation in the planting caused by factors such as the lie of the land, irregular lines in the original seeding or the equipment being towed off center.


The tested equipment has shown to be accurate to 5mm at 10km/hr meeting the requirements of the Danish farming community. Following successful trials in Denmark (Europe), the equipment has been further developed and is now able to maintain accuracy at 12-15km/hr.


All components of the Ortrack system are very robust. Farmers need equipment that operates at all times. The four components of the guidance system will operate in all weather conditions, day or night. They will withstand rough treatment and can be hosed clean. The control box that will be located in the cab is simple in design with a minimum of displays. All the components of the Ortrack technology are simple to attach and operate.

Before & After Weeded Pic (2016_04_25 03
Six Row Weeder (2016_04_25 03_06_09 UTC)
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