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Imagine flying quickly, reliably and safely from your home to your workplace in your very own Vision VTOL aircraft. Imagine having the freedom to visit friends or relatives in your family Vision VTOL without constraints of road transport. Imagine being able to travel in a fully automated (autonomous) aircraft that safely controls and flies the vehicle to your destination while you enjoy the scenery, daydream, snack, catch up with social media, emails or watch the latest news. This is the future of transportation. This is the Vision VTOL.

The first Vision VTOL will be  a single seat model for just one person. The next model will have two seats followed by five for the whole family. It is envisaged the Vision VTOL design will be up-scaled so that transcontinental speed and distances will be possible reliably, in comfort, and safety.  Furthermore, these aircraft will be able to take off  and land almost anywhere. And not only for people but also for freight of all sizes and dimensions because the Vision VTOL design is fully scalable. Imagine a time when roads, bridges and tunnels are no longer needed – the old ones will be reclaimed, the materials recycled and the land given back to farmers.

In the footsteps of Henry Ford with his “Model T Ford” automobile and the Wright Brothers with their first manned flight comes the Vision VTOL with a new era in personal and commercial transportation!



















The Vision VTOL Aircraft can take off and land almost anywhere.

The Benefits of the Vision VTOL Aircraft

    Fully automatic flight
    GPS Guidance System
    Door-to-door aerial flight
    High speed travel – 4-5 times faster than cars
    Convenient – take off and land almost anywhere
    Scalable from 1 to 5 seats and then large versions including freighters
    Autonomous flight – capable of safe and dependable unmanned operation
    Built-in anti-collision technology
    Multiple safety features including a ballistic parachute system, already proven in aircraft for decades
    Affordable to purchase and fly (rapid re-charge at power-points in minutes)
    Minimal maintenance requirements
    Quiet – no engines – just fan/turbine noise
    Better for the environment – zero pollution
    All-electric inherent reliability
    No roads or runways needed

VTOL High-Speed mode
 Is this technology real and possible?

The Vision VTOL Aircraft was designed in 2006 but was not possible then. It has only now become possible because of the convergence of existing and breakthrough new technologies including:

    Lighter and more powerful electric motors
    Ring-Wings Ducted-Fans
    Lighter more powerful batteries (higher energy density)
    Drone control and stability technology
    GPS guidance and Autopilot systems
    Radar and/or laser anti-collision systems
    Sailplane (glider) cockpit design
    Low cost off-the-shelf components

Why is the Vision VTOL the future of aviation?

    Provides convenient, flexible, fast, reliable, nonstop point-to-point transport
    Traffic congestion and road-rage becomes a thing of the past
    Virtually eliminates loss of life and injuries
    Substantially cheaper to purchase and easier to operate than conventional aircraft and cars
    Viable alternative to infrastructure costs of roads, bridges, interchanges, runways, airport buildings
    Cost effective and simple to mass produce
    Huge cost savings  across the board for families, commercial and governmental enterprises
    Inherently far safer and reliable than current transport vehicles and systems
    Automated door-to-door unmanned taxi/Uber type services using mobile/cell phone and credit cards.

Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) – Australia

QUOTE: “The Vision VTOL most certainly fits the Power Lift area that is being developed within our new regulations.” – Mick Poole, Office of the Director of Aviation Safety, Civil Aviation Safety Authority – Australia

CASA - Mick Poole


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