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Trevor Osborne - Founder & New-Paradigm Architect
World Harmony has evolved as global network of like-minded, like-hearted people who want to create a better world. A great deal of research, study and work has been conducted over thirty years; acquiring wisdom, know-how, technology and much more. Until recently all these were just pieces of a giant puzzle that needed a solid foundation on which they could be assembled. This all changed in November 2018 when I discovered that foundation piece - the Teal Operating System. This gave me the knowledge and understanding to create what is to be known as the Global Teal Network. This is truly a  paradigm shift that I was looking and hoping for. Now, we can get this "show on the road"!
Holly Tucker - Projects Manager
With years of experience as a project manager in the film, television and multimedia industry, my goal is always a healthy cooperative system of people working together. Like the collaborative microcosm of the human body, where every cell has a purpose towards the greater good, only through cooperation is the mission successful. Otherwise, going rogue is cancerous to the quest.
Terry Sisson - Energy Researcher
I have spent the past 34 years performing research, as well as assembling research teams, to build and evaluate advanced energy systems. I am a founding member of the New Energy Congress and on the Board of Directors of the New Energy Movement. The goal of the New Energy Congress is to determine the world’s best energy solutions and the New Energy Movement acts as a voice in support of the introduction of these technologies. With a solid background in physics and electronics, these endeavors have taken me all over the globe to visit inventors and evaluate their technologies.
Jason Wells - Australian Mechanical Engineer now living in Thailand
My journey has been through: Permaculture, Earth and Ocean healing, Philosophy/Religion (eastern favored), Mechanization and automation, Conspiracy, Blockchain and distributed decentralized online systems, New clean energy systems, Healing, Undiscovered sciences, Individuality and unity.
Being a solution-based problem solver, I naturally was drawn to the World Harmony ideology as it parallels mine. Having been a part of World Harmony since 2012 the team and myself have explored innumerable options and continue to do so.
James Rodney - Graphic Artist Extraordinaire

I have a unique background that spans both fine art and digital technology. I currently work across multiple intersecting visual disciplines including 3D modeling, 2D graphic design, technical illustration, animation, photography and design engineering. Proficiency in these multiple skill-sets enables me to bridge long standing chasms between engineers and designers and to bring clients’ imaginative visions into detailed, sometimes stunningly photo-real visual form.

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David Wright - Consultant, Engineer, Technology

Fifty six years of business in many countries has given me a good education in acquiring expertise in business, project presentations, evaluation, environmental impact, costings, logistics, management, practical engineering/construction and introducing new technologies. I've been associated with Word Harmony & Trevor Osborne for over 20 years. During that time we  traveled together and have common friends and shared technologies. Trevor has been a successful inventor of his own technology that was produced into the world market.

Alex Gragnon

Bio forthcoming

Mark Hosa - People Weaver
My interests span biodynamic farming methods, clean energy technologies, drinking water solutions and exotic transportation technologies. My overall interest is to support more sustainable ways of living in harmony with Nature. I do this by combining spiritual principles with practical aspects and applications of technology. My ability to connect people to one another from around the world in a synchronistic manner – bringing the right people together at the right time – is a nurtured ability I utilize for the betterment of humanity. It is my pleasure to be involved with the Energy Assessment Team.
Mike McCosker - Biological Farmer
My wife and I believe our current purpose is to create “Heaven on Earth on Blaney” (our rural property). Leading us to this current place in life is many years of experience in the world of farming and Land-care. I am a fourth generation farmer living within five kilometres of my great grandfather’s home. My roots run deep into the land. Having said this, I must confess that until I connected properly with the aboriginal history of this land I had not connected fully with the spirit of this land.
Charles Blake - CEO,  Ambient Energy Pty Ltd
As an energy and technology development innovator, my vision is for a sustainable world, providing for autonomous and resilient communities. To accomplish this I have spent the past 20 years consulting to major corporations, rural communities, businesses and individuals, world-wide, on the cost-saving and environmental benefits of alternative energy. Utilizing closed loops systems for carbon, water and other resources and materials, we can save vast amounts of capital whilst minimizing our footprint as good stewards on the planet.
Floris Drupsteen - Motion Graphics Professional
I have lived in the Netherlands all my life. I’ve been working as a creative professional for over 20 years, designing and building websites, creating 2D and 3D motion graphics for large dance parties and doing graphic design and animations for television and corporate video productions. Over the years I’ve become more aware of how the world we live in functions and felt the need to participate in making a change. Fortunately I’m able to use my skills to help present and promote world changing visions and inventions.
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