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(written April 2019)


The goal is WORLD HARMONY - a civilization that is self-organizing, self-managing where everyone lives healthy, happy, fulfilling and constructive lives that are in harmony with nature, planet and all-that-is.



To facilitate the acceleration of humanity’s smooth transition from our increasingly dysfunctional world to a new harmonious world that benefits everyone and everything.

Note: An evolutionary purpose serves a similar function as the Earth’s Magnetic North does for a compass i.e. it provides direction!


World Harmony Foundation (WHF) is a global non-profit, income tax exempt, non-denominational, unincorporated association of like-minded, like-hearted individuals established in Australia in 1996.



World Harmony Founding Members are individuals that have been involved for several years developing its core. They all resonate with this Charter because it is based on love, friendship, collaboration, diversity, integrity, effectiveness, transparency, win-win-win solutions, and beneficial new technologies and methods that serve humanity, the ecosystem and the planet.


Because humanity is on an unsustainable and perilous path that needs a fast-real-world alternative for when it is READY to make the shift. The time is fast approaching for its next evolutionary shift, this time in a positive harmonious mode. WHF has a template, method, structure, know-how and information to facilitate this transition in a way that will be rapid, smooth, collaborative, harmonious, win-win-win, non-disruptive and achievable – via the new Teal Operating System.



The Teal organizational model is a real-world proven operating system that can now be used for ALL groups, organizations, businesses and even governments. It operates from a set of principles to create an effective sustainable system that serves and supports humanity, the ecosystem and the planet. It is harmonious, self-organizing, self-managing, adaptive, win-win-win, efficient, transparent, productive, cost-effective and non-disruptive.


To create a “crystal-seed” as a nucleus of people of good-will that will germinate into a global “Teal Service Network” that is designed to grow effortlessly as our new way of life.



Now, and for as long it takes.


  • Create a simple, online self-help Teal Educational Service designed to teach participants how to function happily and effectively within a Teal Operational System. Graduates will receive Teal Certification.

  • Establish an online Teal Register where Teal Certified people and organization will be registered and receive a numbered prestigious Teal Certificate.

  • Construct a Teal Operating Structure as the “hardware” for the network. The structure will be an online integrated, transparent, communication system.

  • Use and share our wisdom, know-how, information and skills as the “software”. Together the hardware and software will form the Global Teal Network (GTN).

  • Individuals, organizations or companies will use GTN to run their own projects or activities.

  • Promote GTN through social media, podcasts and other forms of communication.

  • Conceive, design, test and cultivate new teal-based Global Operating Systems.

  • Educate by way of example, collective wisdom and shared information and technologies.

  • Become a catalyst that accelerates the transition to a new harmonious way of life.

  • Accept unconditional donations and/or resources from individuals, groups and organizations to provide what is physically needed to achieve the goal of world harmony.


There’s nothing as Powerful as An Idea Whose Time Has Come - Victor Hugo



If you are reading this material, you probably don’t need to be told that humanity is on an unsustainable and precarious path. There are finite resources and, at the rate we are consuming them, they will run out in the foreseeable future. Every day we hear more and more about increased crime, child and gender abuse, drug addiction, epidemics, wars, terrorism, violence, droughts, floods, ice caps melting, pollution of land, atmosphere, oceans and waterways, people dying of more diseases than ever before; and the list goes on. The way we are attempting to rectify these situations is only on a “band-aid” fix basis. The problem is too huge and complex to “fix-it” in this way. To resolve this situation, we need a new approach and very soon.

A few years ago, I realized all the above problems have a common operating system we’ve been using for centuries and are the primary cause for this devastating situation. It is a LIMITING WIN-LOSE SYSTEM where the few own the majority of assets and resources and the many have too little or go without.

An operating system is like a mold – it doesn’t matter what material is poured into them the product coming out will always have the same shape and dimensions. Therefore, in order to progress, we must change the operating systems we use.

Currently, our system causes pollution of our air, land, rivers, lakes, swamps and oceans, and produces food that contains poisons and lacks all the minerals and nutrients our bodies need to be healthy. The  system forces our kids into intellectual boxes, so they rebel and get into drugs and crime in ever growing numbers. The corporate system de-humanizes people, destroys the environment and doesn’t care about anything other than profit. Do you get the idea?

These operating systems are obsolete; they have reached their use-by-date and need up-grading!

I am convinced the answer is to design and commission a completely NEW OPERATING SYSTEM that no longer creates and perpetuates this situation but also propels us into a new era of prosperity, health, happiness, peace and harmony – what has been referred to as the Golden Age!

We already have most of the answers and technologies to resolve most of the world’s critical situations, but they haven’t been adopted or supported by mainstream who are controlled by the super-wealthy elite. More about them later.

Until recently we didn’t have a practical way to organize and manage such an enormous task. NOW WE DO! Let me explain.

I have been working on the World Harmony initiative for decades. I have been identifying the information, know-how, technology, methods and key people that are needed to for this mission. Then recently I was introduced to something very important that that would allow us to integrate all we know into and would catalyze us into action. It is described by Frederick Laloux in his book, Reinventing Organizations. Laloux spent several years researching several companies around the world that were operating very successfully within a new organizational operating system he now calls the TEAL SYSTEM.

The Teal System is a self-organizing, self-management system with no bosses or hierarchical control. The people who work there are very happy and never want to go back to the old system. The companies that use this teal system make more profits, operate at lower costs, are more efficiently, more productive and their growth rate is not limited by the usual constraints. I believe it is an ideal, win-win-win system where everyone prospers and is happy at the same time!

I envisaged this new Teal Operating System could intrinsically resolve all our global problems while also laying the foundation of a new civilization of which we could all be proud! To be successful, we needed to combine the Teal Operating System with all our wisdom, know-how, information and knowledge and apply comprehensively to create a "global teal network" that gives people the ability to do what is needed and wanted for themselves and the world!


The goal of creating a world that lives in harmony may seem impossible to most people. But nothing is really impossible given enough support, time, common purpose, determination and passion. For example, in the 1950’s going to the moon was seen as impossible, yet a decade later it became a reality and, in the blink-of-an-eye was universally accepted. There are many other examples where the seemingly impossible was accomplished.


Because we have done things the same old way for eons doesn’t mean we can’t do them in a different way now. I know it is difficult for many people to imagine things ever being better. But everything changes, usually slowly but occasionally very fast. When it does, we call this occurrence a .


Many people believe that conflict and turmoil is "human nature" so can’t be changed. My research shows that acting negatively is our second nature and acting positively is our first nature. Furthermore, some believe living harmoniously would be boring and non-motivating. But nothing could be further from the truth. You will discover this the more you explore World Harmony.


I recommend you take a few moments to imagine what this harmonious world looks and feels like? For example, how would people live and interact? How would they be supported? How would it be different from how it is now? What would we be doing in our daily lives? Let your imagination wander and explore different possibilities that you may have ruled out as being impossible or crazy when operating in an unlimited system that supports this new world life-style. You may be surprised at all the amazing ideas that spring to mind. This is how new realities are born – everything that has ever been invented started as a concept in someone’s mind! And remember, there is no such thing as “the” future. The future is what we create it to be!



To facilitate the acceleration of humanity’s smooth transition from our increasingly dysfunctional world to a new harmonious world that benefits everyone and everything. It is value-based on friendship, love, collaboration, diversity, integrity, transparency, win-win-win solutions, and new technologies and methods that serve humanity, the ecosystem and the planet. This new teal operating system supports all these values and mimics how nature evolves and grows. It allows the transition from the old to the new to happen quite naturally in its own good time with no pressure or stress. It also generates an environment where those involved experience enjoyment and fulfillment. Does this sound too good to be true? It does if you stay locked in the old beliefs and methods of the past. But if you open your eyes and your heart you will discover this is the truth and is a practical way that will allow our world to make the paradigm shift we need to make to get to where we want to go!



World Harmony Foundation (WHF) is a non-profit, income tax exempt, non-denominational, unincorporated association of like-minded, like-hearted individuals established in Australia in 1996. In that year the Australian Taxation Office ruled World Harmony Foundation was to be granted non-profit and income-tax exemption status.


Since 1996 WHF only grew slowly. We now know why. There were many, many pieces of knowledge, know-how and information that were needed before it could be properly launched. Most of them have now been identified but there was one important piece missing – suitable organizational system that was commensurate with its goals, purpose and mission. Then in January 2019 the Teal Operating System was discovered that fitted exactly to these requirements. It also allows us to develop a “crystal seed” from which a new civilization can form, develop and grow.  This system when applied will generate and foster any organization to grow and flourish smoothly and rapidly. It also allows WHF to develop a “crystal seed” from which a new civilization can form, develop and grow.  As a result, the WHF Founding Members have now adopted this Operating System. You will hear a lot more about this breakthrough as you explore more about World Harmony.



As of March 2019, we are nine Founding Members who have been working towards establishing an organization that is capable of achieving such an ambitious mission. However, to achieve this is going to take many more people. We know there are millions who would love to get on board with a Teal support structure like we are currently designing. These new people will be contacted via social media once we are ready to go. But we still have more work to do so if you want to help please contact us. At this time, we mainly need people who have expertise in computer software, web-building and IT skills. We also need funds and/or other forms of donations.

NOTE: Since the advent of the Covid Crime, WHF was put on hold by focusing on a Covid Solution. We created the United Health Alliance as a part of our Health Division. UHA now has two websites, HERE and HERE.



As we all know humanity is currently (2019) on an unsustainable and precarious path and unless we make important, speedy and positive changes it will probably be too late to change direction. WHF has now discovered how this change can happen relatively easily and without resistance and disruption that would otherwise happen if we try to do it by conventional means. Furthermore, we are aware of so many better ways we can live that are more exciting and fulfilling than the majority do today.



The Teal organizational model is a proven operating system that is perfect for positively oriented groups, organizations, governments and individuals. It operates from a set of principles to create a sustainable operating system that will serve and support humanity, the ecosystem and the planet for eons to come. It is a harmonious, self-organizing, self-managing, adaptive, win-win-win, effective, transparent, productive, cost-effective and non-disruptive system.


The Teal model is fully explained in a book called Reinventing Organizations by Frederick Laloux  (pronounced la-loo) where he describes details of twelve global organizations that have been practicing the teal method of self-management very successfully; some are quite large and some have been operating for decades.

NOTE: For anyone really interested you can access all the information in videos, audios and written form including the book in PDF and Audio format


Teal organization have no bosses to tell you what to do because it is a self-organizing, self-management system that works far better than any conventional system. Those involved are encouraged to follow their passion because that’s what brings and builds the creative energy to the team. Be ready to open your mind to this wonderful way to work and live. It is VERY different from any other system you have come across. Frederick Laloux, and fore-runner, Don Beck with his Spiral Dynamics description, provide all the information needed to get started.


For a teal organization to function an operational structure is required. This structure will be an online collaboration platform integrated with a transparent intra-net communication system. This structure will enable Teal Certified Members to run their own projects and practices while being linked with all the others in the network by way of this “intra-net”. Remember, living and working within a teal organization is exciting, contagious, very liberating, fun and fosters success.


WHF plans to create a global-teal-service-network that will be called The Global Teal Network (GTN) – see below.

To form what we call a “crystal-seed” is a nucleus that will eventually germinate into GTN. It is designed to grow effortlessly until the goal of world harmony becomes our new way of life. The reference to “crystal seed” comes from how a large crystal can grow from a much smaller crystal. Interestingly the large crystal develops into exactly the same shape as the tiny seed-crystal and all its facets have exactly the same angles regardless how many. The only difference is its volume. Using this analogy demonstrates the importance of when forming a new organization to make sure it is as close as possible to the perfect organization before it is launched. Because whatever qualities it starts with will be replicated and expanded indefinitely. This is the primary reason it has taken us so long to get where we are today.

There is a major global transformation underway and has been on-going for several decades. Like any major transformation it starts slowly and gains momentum until critical-mass occurs where a major shift suddenly happens, and everyone becomes aware of it. These events can be catastrophic or exciting; depending whether they are developed from a negative or positive perspective. The Teal Model gives us the best chance for this global shift be a positive and exciting one. It is envisaged after we get this Global Teal Network fully functional, it will rapidly gather momentum and eventually “go viral”. When this happens, it will quickly reach critical mass and become mainstream – just as the World-Wide Web internet did in the 1990’s!

The Founding Members already have plans to implement several important projects the details of which will be placed on our website in due course. But first we need to do the following:


(1) Establish an online self-service Teal Educational and Certification Center for individuals, groups, organizations and companies to become Teal Certified. This center will be coupled with a Teal Registration Center to make Teal Certification valuable and highly sought-after.


(2) Construct and implement Global Teal Network. GTN will be an online, self-organizing, self-managing structural system to make possible an ever-growing global network of individuals and organizations that can change the world for the better. The GTN has the potential to becoming the next major shift for humanity.


(3) Conduct regular podcasts by discussing our plans and interviewing various “new paradigm people” many of whom are experts in their own fields.

(4) Educate by way of example, collective wisdom and shared information. All the people in World Harmony are encouraged to do their best to “walk-their-talk” and lead the way by being living examples and sharing information and their wisdom. One of the Teal Principles is to be transparent by sharing openly what we know and learn that is relevant to furthering the Goal and Purpose stated above. This is where the intra-net comes into the forefront. The benefits of having an intranet is described very well by Laloux in his book. By the way, he offers his book in two forms – PDF and Audio. The audio book is 14 hours long, so it is suggested you put it into your music folder on your phone. You can then listen when you can and pause when you can’t; then continue again later. By the way, Laloux gives you free access to his book with the understanding you will pay him what you think it’s worth after you finished. How trusting is that?

(5) Design, test and cultivate new civilization operating systems. Creating begins with the understanding that the world’s current (2019) operating systems are becoming more and more dysfunctional, divisive, dis-empowering and dominating and they have all reached their use-by-date. As such, they no longer serve us as they once did. New Teal Operating Systems will include energy, agriculture, construction, health, education, economics, technology and others – all new and far better. It is envisaged each new operating system will be designed, tested and then, at the right time, be unobtrusively phased-in as the old system automatically phases-out. It is likely that hardly anyone will notice the old one is gone because the new operating system will be so natural and much better in much the same way as the replaced the old .  The new Teal Operating Systems will be very functional. At the same time, they will be fun, collaborative, remove limitations, promote and empower free will and function in harmony with nature. Further details of this process will be made available when ready.


(6) Function as a catalyst to accelerate the transition to the new civilization. This is an on-going function that is innately part of World Harmony. It is designed to act as an interface between old systems and the new teal systems until they become fully functional and self-supportive.


(7) Initiate and foster essential services where and when none exist. When World Harmony and/or our society needs a service that is not already available, it will initiate and foster that service for as long as needed.


(8) Accept donations and/or resources from individuals, groups and organizations to provide what is physically needed for the network to achieve the goal of world harmony. This initiative will probably start with the Podcasts. World Harmony’s website will also have donation buttons that accept many different currencies. It will also set up a means by which people can donate goods and/or service. As this new Teal Network grows, it will attract many like-minded people, some of which will be wealthy, that may want to support this endeavor to further accelerate it towards the goal of world harmony.


E. Trevor Osborne – WHF President & Paradigm Architect - April 2019

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