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Are you ready to hear about a new technology that is truly amazing? This is like nothing most people have ever heard before except in science fiction stories and movies. But be warned what you read here is third-hand information.

This method of communication is non-linear and non-local. What this means in lay-terms is the transmission goes from the physical realm to the non-physical realm and back again into the physical. Because of this, the transmission is instantaneous and has infinite band-width and has zero attenuation. This means there is no limits how far the signal can be transmitted and received. Nothing stops it like walls, buildings, rocks and even the planet itself is no barrier. It is also totally secure so the transmission cannot be tapped or traced. It is estimated there could be around 64 million dedicated channels with one iteration.

Apparently the Soviets pioneered this technology but it is unknown whether it has been used or is being used today. An associate of one of the WHF Founding members built a prototype several years ago. It was tested it in a very deep mine to verify it worked worked and it did. There was no loss of signal on the surface during the test. This would not be possible using normal hertzian-radio-waves. The device was purposely destroyed as it was perceived the "authorities" would deem it to be a threat to security.


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HOLOCHAIN is the way the GLOBAL TEAL NETWORK will be made available to anyone and everyone on the planet.


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