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The current chemical-based agricultural system has taken us down an undesirable path that has created a never ending series of problems, such as polluted waterways, pesticides in the food-chain and food that lacks essential trace minerals and other nutrients. For the sake of future human health current practices must stop and again work with nature as we did before the mid 1940’s.

The good news is that we now have the basis of a new farming model that makes the current model obsolete. The method involves working closely with nature that creates an ideal soil that produces food that is nutritious and tastes great too!

The system combines the best of several other practices and is enhanced by the use of a new high-speed mechanical weeder. This new biological farming system  uses a simple technology that provides feed-back information from the crop that allows the farmer to formulate an ideal nutrient-fertilizer mix at a fraction of the cost of the current system. The results are spectacular in producing crops superior in quality and yield – crops that are so healthy they are largely disease-free.

Mike McCosker, NSW Australia

Listen to this interview that World Harmony’s founder, Trevor Osborne had with Mike McCosker who owns and operates a 3000 acre farm in NSW Australia (and is also offered to lead World Harmony’s Agricultural Assistance Team). Having studied numerous farm production methodologies, Mike has spent many years passionately consulting to farmers and agronomists around the world about a new paradigm practice in agriculture that he calls Biological Farming!

Combining The Best Of The New

With The Best Of The Old

Mike McCosker from NSW Australia with a 3000 acre farm has developed a new sustainable system of agriculture and horticulture known as Biological Farming. It combines new technologies with old agricultural practices that have withstood the test of time! This has resulted in a chemical-free farming practices that produce food that not only tastes good, but is good for you. This is because the food contains all the minerals, vitamins and other goodies that our bodies need to be healthy.

Farming methods will change with such things as high-tech mechanical weed removal without harming the crop that will replace spraying poisonous herbicides.

Recent farming practices have depleted many trace minerals from our soils. These can easily be replaced with the use of finely grounds rock of volcanic origin. The effect this has on the soil is quite remarkable. In fact, this can turn a “dead soil” into a “living soil” almost overnight. As a result, the natural soil microbes return, as do earth worms which are so important as they digest organic matter. This organic matter over a period of time creates humus, the substance that makes soils fertile and stops nutrients from being washed out of the soils and into our waterways.

Likewise, humus can be replaced at the time of seeding. The source of this comes from “brown coal” which is actually fossilized organic matter. It can be made through a very simple and rapid process of grinding the coal,adding water and microbes. Within a few days the coal is converted into a humus concentrate that can then be dried, pelleted and distributed to farmers and gardeners.

There are also revolutionary practices that can change a whole ecology from a desert into a productive landscape within a few short years. We recommend viewing the following documentary to witness the effectiveness of this process. This system will also include cleaning up the oceans and re-establishing natural areas of forests, water-ways and marshlands.

In Times of Drought

With climate change droughts are happening  frequently and more severely. Mike found a very cost effective way to feed his stock and keep them in very good condition with a new practice he has developed. He has set up an indoor "sprouting system" where he germinates cereal seed (mainly barley) and after five days growth they are fed to his stock. The results are phenomenal.

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