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World Harmony Founder Debuts on Supernatural Realm Radio

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

World Harmony Foundation founder, Trevor Osborne, made his radio debut on the Supernatural Realm Radio program, this week. The program, which covers topics from spirituality to string theory, welcomed Osborne to a two-hour interview covering the birth of the foundation and its mission to develop humanitarian projects using the Teal Organizational model. The model, which emphasizes self management, wholeness and evolutionary purpose, is a framework for organizations to be more fluid, effective and sustainable.

Osborne described numerous World Harmony Foundation projects to the 2000+ member radio audience, including an advanced battery technology, an air pollution remediation innovation and an alternative healing modality.

“All our projects have one thing in common - a 'Win-Win-Win' philosophy. You win, we win, the planet wins."

Osborne said his motivation and that of many Foundation members is to participate in projects they are passionate about. Using this criteria allows project members to bring a natural expertise to the project team, when and where it's needed.

Osborne encouraged listeners to contact him if they felt inspired to get involved in World Harmony projects including the Foundation's goal to create the first global Teal Network - a hub for organizations guided by Teal principles.

To learn more, listen to the show here.

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