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the highwire
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watch del's Brilliant opening statement to episode 277

I want to encourage everyone to support this new media organization known as The HighWire. In order to keep it independent and transparent the HighWire is totally funded by donations with zero sponsors. They are also embarking with a new technology to have the site Blockchain protected to ensure it can never be taken down, hacked or corrupted but subversive forces.

I believe we are witnessing the start of a new wave of media that will eventually replace the corrupt and biased mainstream media. Even the oldest and trusted of these like the BBC in the UK, and PBS in the U.S. have been "captured" by the totalitarian, powerful, multi-billionaires who founded and run the World Uneconomic Forum and subordinates like the World Health Organization to take absolute control of the world.


If you have any doubts about this, then read the extract below written by Klaus Schwab, the founder of World Economic Forum in his book The Great Reset*. They plan to reduce world population to 1 billion people by using Covid-19 and similar human-gene modification vaccines, create vast food shortages, and any other means they can.

Klaus Schwab & The Great Reset.JPG



Trevor Osborne, Co-Founder, United Health Alliance*


Covid-19: The Great Reset book:

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